About Us

Our experienced team consists of talented professionals and quality craftsmen all dedicated to serving our customers' needs. We are clear leaders of our industry.

Who We Are

Our employees and management team at Richard L. Oreair and Company bring a broad range of educational and work experiences. This enables us to perform work in many different areas: from limited plant maintenance to very complex control and power distribution systems. Projects lasting from several weeks to over two years have been successfully completed. This is credited in a large part to sound financial as well as logistical planning.

How We Work

Our state of the art computer system provides management with fast and accurate data for estimating, job costing, payroll, billing and other financial information. Our field personnel utilize computer technology for many jobs such as labeling wires and equipment, drawing layouts and schematics, estimating, and programming ladder logic for PLC's.

How We Live

We are so much more than just an electrical contracting firm. We are a team of individuals. And we have friends, families and loved ones in our lives. We look for positive experiences and reach out to those around us. We try to make a positive difference in our world – and have fun! Find out more.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven”.

Our team

Richard L. Oreair, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer


Lee Oreair


Scott Lilly
Vice President


Erica O. McLaughlin
Vice President of Finance & Administration


Jay Newman
Project Manager


L. Brad Page
Safety / Quality Manager


Michael Murrer
Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia Manager