Quality doesn't cost, it pays

For over 60 years, Oreair Electric has delivered quality work at competitive costs. Simply by focusing on what the customer wants, striving for continuous improvement, and keeping our workforce up to date with the latest in tools and technology, we have become a leader in innovative electrical construction techniques. Long before the “Lean Process” became part of modern manufacturing, continuous improvement was our basis for delivering top notch quality installations in a very efficient manner. Continuous improvement is now part of our company DNA, and with the commitment of our team, we promise to continually provide efficient service and installations to our group of select customers.

Our experience breeds excellence

Our firm's founder, Richard L. Oreair, started the company in 1955. Since then the company has grown to become one of the most respected leaders of the electrical industry in the southeast. Our company is based on the team concept, centered on a group of talented professionals and quality craftsmen - all dedicated to serving our customers' needs.

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About us

Richard L. Oreair & Company is an electrical contracting firm dedicated to providing a quality job within cost estimates and in a timely fashion. We specialize in industrial process control, automation and installation of Ethernet (cat 6) and  fiber optics in an industrial environment.  Our installations of automated production lines include companies such as Campbell Soup, the Pepsi-Cola Company, and Flowers Baking Industries, along with many others.



“I want to thank you for your company’s support during our plant shutdown in June. Our shutdowns are critical to the success of our operations, and this one was one of the most complex and comprehensive. Our contractors provide important supplemental resources that allow us to complete large amounts of work in a short time frame. Quality workmanship and meeting the work schedule during the shutdown ensures that we are able to meet our production goals”.

– Kimberly S. Antic, Renessenz

“Thank you for the excellent job you and your crews did and continue to do on the Gatorade Kissimmee Kenny Project”.

– Jim Shaw, Conception To Reality

“Thank you for your wonderful service, help, friendship, and the knowledge that you have passed on to me over the past 14 years. You all made my job easier and I will miss working with you”.

– Bill Lighthouse, WhiteWave Foods